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Guess what day it is? It's Skyblue's Birthday!

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Happy birthday, love! I hope it's everything you dream and more. And, this is where I would post the birthday fic, if it were finished. *grrs at self* Okay, I seriously just have a little left. Like the bday gift I just sent in the mail, it might be slightly belated. But it's really almost done!

*So many birthday hugs for you, and a couple of birthday spankings just for good measure.*

Love you! Mwah! <3

PS - in retrospect, maybe I should have picked glitter text of a different color. :/ :D
Channel Awesome - Doug on Linkara&#39;s shou

Channel Awesome - Post Crisis (fic)

Title: Post Crisis
Author: Ennui_blue_lite
Rating: PG-13
Paring: Linkara/Spoony
Warnings: mention of non-con, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 850, roughly.
Summary: According to episode 54 of Ask that Guy with the Glasses, Guy slept with Linkara, who was very upset about it. This is a short fic about Linkara and Spoony in the aftermath.
Author’s notes: I finally buckled down and wrote this fic in California, thanks to the support and companionship of my muse and best friend, Skyblue Reverie. I could never have written a word if not for her continued love and inspiration.

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I Am Here --->

Here I am in beautiful, sunny California. Except, it's not especially sunny right now, but it is still beautiful. I'm having a great time with Julie - we've watched some movies, done a little shopping, been to a few awesome restaurants; generally, it's been perfect.

We've also started a few TV shows, like Merlin and Glee and my new favorite, NCIS. I'm thinking there needs to be fic for this one, Gibbs/Tony to be exact, though I'm still watching and learning the voices. Hopefully, this will kickstart my fic writing obsession once again.

Until then, I shall continue to eat cookies and hang on Skyblue's cozy couch with my laptop - I'm pretty sure this is my personal nirvana.

ETA: forgot to mention that we also visited River's_bend on Wednesday, had lunch together, and hung out at River's apartment, which is in a very cool old building.
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Geeks in Glasses are Sex.

Hey, people!

Who out there likes That Guy with the Glasses, AKA the Nostalgia Critic? Anyone? Okay, let’s try this again. Who out there is still reading my journal? Well, I am. I like That Guy. There’s a good chance that the two other people who will drop in (hi Skyblue and Rivers) don’t even have a passing notion who That Guy is (thought Sky watched some Nostalgia Chick for me. She even laughed). Anyhow, I’ve watched approximately six thousand hours of That Guy and his That Guy team, and, thank fuck, they have a fandom (suck on that, Wahlberg).

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Fandom is Life, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mark Wahlberg

Internet fandom has been sadly absent from my life this year. Whether I’ve been too distracted by my new job or whatever, there has been this unhappy, empty hole once filled with art and writing and fangirls; that pure, uncomplicated joy that comes from sharing fandom with other people. The feeling of falling in love with story, and finding other people who love it too. And, if you both love the same story and characters for long enough, you occasionally find that you love that person too. I’ve missed that.

Happily, I think it’s coming back, and I’d be a hell of a lot more thrilled if it didn’t revolve around Mark Wahlberg.

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One Word Meme

*Next morning edit*Ah. This is what it looks like when I post after 13 hours of work, about to fall asleep, after two beers. Anyhow, now that it's the next morning, this is the One Word Meme, which I snagged from skyblue_reverie.

* Where is your cell phone: car
* Spouse: unlikely
* Your hair cut: messy
* Your mother: unpredictable
* Your father: threatened
* Your favorite thing: music
* Your dream last night: swarm
* Your favorite drink: unhealthy
* What room are you in: Mine
* Your hobby: elusive
* Your fear: hindering
* Where do you want to be in 6 years: elsewhere
* Where were you last night: Chili's
* Something that you aren't: peaceful
* Muffins: Starbucks
* Wish list item: Portal
* Last thing you did: pee
* What are you wearing: tee
* TV: Thursday
* Pets: Cat
* Friends: family
* Your life: waiting
* Your mood: undetermined
* Missing someone: Skyblue
* Drinking: beer
* Your car: Tony
* You are not wearing: pants
* Your favorite store: Half-price
* Your favorite color: Cerulian
* When is the last time you cried: 4th
* Where do you go over and over: Medroom
* Five people who email me regularly: automated
* My favorite place to eat: out
* Favorite place I'd like to be right now: I10
* Four people I think will respond: Four!?