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Another Tony/Control fic

Title: Happy Beginnings
Fandom: Tony and Control, ABOFAL
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,701
Series: Comes after "This is Not a Story With a Sad Ending"
Summery: Control has something important to tell Tony. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.
Author’s Note: Written for skyblue_reverie,who requested fluffy T/C smut, so any complaints should be directed toward her. :) No, just kidding, but this is a story which graphically depicts sex between Tony and Control. If you don’t want to see that, please don’t read. And as always, I welcome all and any constructive criticism.

Happy Beginnings

Control was just placing the finishing touches on the table when the door bell rang. ‘Oh goodness!’ Control thought. ‘Already he’s here!’ Tony was coming over for dinner and Control wanted to make sure that things were just perfect. You see, Control and Tony had become rather good friends over the last few weeks, ever since Control had been made to fire Tony from his job as Subsection Chief of the East Germany and Related Satellites Department. Firing Tony had been very difficult indeed, but he was happy that the two of them had become such close friends.

Tonight, however, Control was going to change things. Tonight, Control was going to let Tony know how he felt, which was why everything needed to be absolutely perfect.

“Just a moment,” Control called, as he placed the wine glass on the table and went to open the door. Tony was standing outside on the stoop in a light blue shirt, holding a bottle of wine.

“Why hello, Tony,” Control said.

“Hello Control,” Tony said. “You’re looking very well this evening.”

“Why thank you, Tony. I am well.”

“Yes, I thought you might be,” Tony replied, “because if you hadn’t been feeling well, you probably wouldn’t have invited me to your house on Maplewood Street for a lovely dinner.”

“Yes, that’s very likely,” Control said.

“Yes, I’m glad we cleared that up. I’ve brought wine.” Tony paused for a few seconds before looking down at his hand and thrusting the bottle toward Control.

“Thank you, Tony. Won’t you come in?”

“Well, yes, I believe I will,” Tony said, stepping in. Control led him into the living room, hands shaking all the way. Tony looked positively beautiful tonight, his blue shirt setting off his eyes. How was he ever going to find the nerve to tell him? “Take any seat you like,” Control said.

Tony furrowed his brow. “Where would you like me to take it?”

“No, Tony,” Control said. “When I said, ‘take any seat you like’, I meant that you may sit down in any seat that you want.”

“Oh. Okay.” Tony sat down. Control sat down too.

“So Tony,” Control said. “How are you enjoying your new job?”

“Do you mean my new job with the Metropolitan Police in which I act as Administrator for East London Patrol and Emergency Special Forces?”

“Yes, that’s the very one, Tony.”

Tony nodded. “Well Control, it’s no Secret Service I’m afraid. Certainly working with the police has its exciting moments. Why just last week, Officer Whitely dropped his helmet down an open heating grate. We had a dilly of a time fishing it out.”

“Hmm. That does sound wild, Tony.”

“Oh, it was, Control. Still…”


Tony smiled sadly. “I miss the Secret Service, Control. I miss working for you.”

“I miss you too, Tony,” Control said.

“And then there’s Commissioner McNally. He’s a nice enough fellow, but…” Tony leaned forward, as if he were sharing a secret, “he doesn’t like coffee, Control.”

Control was confused. “Doesn’t like coffee?”

“No. I tried to bring him some last week, but he told me that he liked tea with a twist of lemon, and that he did not like coffee.”

Control had never heard of such a thing. Who would turn down a cup of coffee made by Tony Murchison? A jealous twinge twanged in Control’s stomach. This McNally was privy to coffee made with love by Tony Murchison, and he didn’t even want it? He didn’t deserve Tony’s coffee.

Tony interrupted Control’s thoughts. “If you don’t mind me saying so, Control, it rather smells as if something may be burning.”

“My goodness!” Control cried, leaping up and dashing to the kitchen like his heals were on fire.

Grey smoke billowed from the oven. Control yanked the door open, coughing. Grabbing the potholder, he took what was left of his baked chicken and potatoes out and placed the charred remains on the stove.

“Oh fiddlesticks!” Control cursed.

“Why, what rotten luck, Control,” Tony sympathized. “I’m sorry that your chicken dinner was ruined. I suppose we could always order in some Chinese food, however.”

Control heaved a sigh. “Oh Tony,” he said “now everything has been ruined.”

“No,” Tony said, confused. “Not everything. Just the chicken.”

“But tonight was meant to be perfect,” Control insisted.

At this, Tony laughed. “Oh Control!” he said, grinning. “Dinners with you are always perfect. It’s not because of the delicious food, or the fancy china. It’s perfect because it’s dinner with Control.”

It took Control several seconds to realize that the rhythmic sound in his ears was his own pulse. “I’m going to kiss you now, Tony,” he said quietly.

The foolish grin faded from Tony’s face. “Are you now?” he softly said. “Because that would be-” the rest of his words were cut short when Controls lips met with his.

As first kisses go, this one was really rather lovely, Control thought. Warm and soft, it was much how he had pictured kissing Tony would be. However, it also occurred to him that, nice as it was, warm and soft was not how he was feeling at the moment. As it was, Tony seemed to be enjoying this quite a bit. Control wondered what else Tony might enjoy.

Control broke the kiss a moment later- Tony was blushing furiously, he noted, his blue eyes wide and pleased. He opened his mouth to say something, but Control never got the chance to find out what. As soon as Tony’s lips parted, Control was upon him.

There was nothing warm and soft about this. Control’s lips pressed fiercely against Tony’s, his tongue invading Tony’s mouth, exploring every surface. His hands explored as well, traveling down Tony’s back, brushing against the soft material of his shirt, feeling the tense muscles underneath. Tony, in his surprise, took a few moments before kissing back, his own tongue stroking tiny circles against Controls’ lips. A small, breathy moan fell from Tony’s mouth when he finally pulled back, and Control relished it.

“Goodness!” Tony exclaimed, panting. “Why Control, that was… that is, that felt… my goodness!”

Control wholehearted agreed. He felt himself growing hot. “I think, Tony,” he said, “that we should go upstairs to my room.” Control paused. “To have sex.”

Tony gasped slightly. “I think that’s a top notch idea, Control,” he said.

Control tried to remember if there was ever a time when he had gotten up his stairs so quickly. Nothing came to mind. In under a minute, he was falling onto his bed with Tony, climbing on top of him, plundering his mouth.

“mmmhh…” Tony groaned as Control’s fingers skimmed Tony’s stomach through his shirt, and Control felt all upper reasoning skill float away. He became a man with one quest: get off that shirt and get at that stomach. Anything if it would mean that Tony would make that noise again.

“Mm, Control,” Tony breathed into Control’s neck, and Control moaned as the contact sent sensations racing down to his groin. His fingers began working double time at Tony’s buttons, and he had Tony’s shirt off in moments.

Tony’s hands stroked along Controls’ back and shoulders as Control leaned down to kiss Tony’s stomach, his own hands tracing patterns along Tony’s obliques. From somewhere above him, Tony moaned and arched into the touch, and Control could feel the sheet of muscle contract under the younger man’s skin. Feeling somewhat undone, he thrust out his tongue, running it in small circles around Tony’s bellybutton. He tasted salty and perfect, Control decided.

“Control,” Tony gasped, “would you please play with my nipples? I’d like that rather a lot, I think.”

Control obliged, kissing his way up Tony’s stomach to his chest. His hands skimmed up along Tony’s sides, and he trailed his index finger over to the hard peak of his right nipple, stroking it lightly, rolling the tip. With an urgent cry, Tony threw back his head, his long neck exposed. “…ever so good, Control,” he breathed.

As Control worked Tony’s other nipple with his mouth, sucking it and teasing it with his tongue, he was vaguely aware of Tony’s hands fooling with the buttons on his own shirt. It took him mere seconds to gain access, his palms skating lightly along Control’s chest, brushing over his hard nipples, sending jolts of pleasure to his cock, already straining against his trousers. It was at this moment that Control had a rather unfortunate realization.

“Tony,” Control panted. “I’m afraid I don’t have any lubricant.”

“Oh no,” Tony said, his voice deep and gravely. “That won’t do at all. I do wonder, however, if perhaps you might have a substitute lubricant, like lotion or cooking oil.”

“I do have cooking oil,” Control said, relieved. “Wait right here.”

As Control bounded down and then back up the stairs, he wondered if perhaps he should call a records man from Guinness one day. He’d love to be in the book, and the record for fastest stair climb seemed as good as anything.

When he returned to his bedroom, he was greeted by quite a sight. Tony had stripped out of his pants and now lay reclined on Control’s bed, naked. His cock, long and slim (‘just like he is,’ Control thought happily) stood out from a little neat forest of light brown hair. Right now, Tony was trying out his best ‘come hither’ look, thought it was somewhat hindered by the fact that every few seconds, he would break out into an embarrassed grin, avert his eyes, and blush.

Control wondered how he could have spent every day with this man, who somehow appeared both innocent and wanton at the same time, and managed to not throw him across his desk and ravish him.

Before he had time to wonder about anything else, Control was across the room and in bed.

“Ohh, Tony,” he groaned, the words muffled as Tony’s mouth captured his. Control’s hands ran down Tony’s back to his ass, then along his hips to the front where they came into contact with Tony’s straining erection.

“Mmm!” Tony whimpered as Control’s hand closed around his length and stroked
lightly. ‘Perfect,’ Control thought, drunk with arousal, ‘he’s perfect.’

Tony was breathing heavily now, his hands shaking as he reached down to undo the buttons on Control’s trousers. “…want you out of these, please,” he said, rubbing the bulge through the fabric. Control took a quick moment to help Tony get him out of his pants, and then they were all hands and mouths again, their fingers playing up and down one another’s cocks as their tongues wrestled against each other.

“Lay down on your stomach, Tony,” Control said, panting, as he reached for the oil, as well as a condom from the bedside table. Tony did as he was told (‘he always was a good agent,’ Control thought) while Control uncapped the oil and slicked up his fingers. “Are you ready?” he asked, massaging the area around Tony’s opening.

“Yes, please,” Tony breathed, and then gasped as Control slipped his finger inside.

“How does it feel?” Control whispered, sliding his finger in and out, pouring a bit more oil onto Tony’s opening.

“It feels very good indeed,” Tony said, moaning. “Good and strange.” Control added another finger, stretching and preparing until Tony was ready. Rolling on the condom, Control oiled himself up and positioned his cock against Tony.

“Wait a moment,” Control heard Tony say, and Control bit his lip in frustration. ‘Oh please, don’t make us stop now, Tony,’ he thought. Of course he would stop, if Tony asked, but…

“I want to see you, if you don’t mind,” Tony said, flipping over onto his back and spreading his legs, his blue eyes, glassy with lust, gazing expectantly up at Control.

“I don’t mind at all,” Control murmured, unable to tear his eyes away from the spectacle before him. Repositioning himself, he grasped Tony’s legs and lifted them up against his chest. Adding a bit more oil, he pressed his blunt tip at the edge of Tony’s opening and slowly pushed in.

Tony sucked in a harsh gasp, and Control halted instantly. “I didn’t hurt you, did I Tony?” he asked, only a little ways inside.

“No,” Tony said quickly, just before biting his lower lip and wincing. “Well… yes, it does hurt some, Control, but… don’t stop, please.”

Control could feel Tony attempting to relax around his length. “Perhaps this will help,” Control said, reaching for Tony’s cock and stroking it lightly.

“Yes…” Tony whimpered, tightening then relaxing, and Control was able to slide in a little ways further.

It took some time, but Control finally felt his hips touch Tony’s ass. “Are you alright, Tony?” he breathed.

“Yes, I’m alright,” Tony whispered. “I’m alright, Control. Just…please go slow, if you could.”

As he had been asked, Control started a slow rhythm, a gentle in and out, hoping that Tony might get used to it. It was clear after a few minutes, however, that Tony was still in pain, wincing at each thrust. Control was just about to ask him if perhaps he would prefer to take a moment to rest when something rather interesting happened; he was adjusting the angle of his hips just a bit, to see if perhaps that might help, when suddenly Tony moaned loudly and pushed back against him. “Faster, Control!” Tony groaned, and a small shudder of ecstasy wracked through Control’s body.

“Tony, do that again,” Control grunted.

“Do…oh… do what?”

Control slowed down his thrusts and looked Tony in the eyes. “Tell me to do something,” he said, breathing hard, “without saying please!”

“Do you like that…oh my…Control?”

“Yes Tony, I do.”

“Alright then,” Tony mumbled, his voice thick with tension. “Stroke me, Control. Now.”

Control moaned as he reached between Tony’s raised thighs and grasped his straining and twitching cock. He could feel his own climax starting to build, but he did his best to grit his teeth and clamp it back. Tony was moaning in time with his thrusts now, every muscle in his body tight. He was close to coming, Control knew. So close.

“Come on, Tony,” he moaned, pumping Tony’s cock hard. “Come on.”

Control thrust in deep, rocking against Tony over and over again. Just when he was certain that he couldn’t hold back any longer, he gave a slight twist to the hand stroking Tony’s cock, and Tony was suddenly howling. Under his touch, Control felt Tony’s cock throb, felt the wetness shoot out onto his hand and onto Tony’s belly. “Oh, Tony!” Control cried, following with his own climax. Both of them drained, they collapsed together in a wet, sticky heap.

Control felt Tony shudder beneath him as he withdrew, and the wrapped his arms around the younger man, gathering him in an embrace. A box of tissues sat on the bedside table behind him; Control grabbed several and cleaned up Tony and himself. He was rather distressed to note that Tony was bleeding a little.

“Tony,” Control panted, “I’ve hurt you and now you are bleeding. I’m ever so sorry.”

“Oh, that’s really quite alright, Control. I only hurt a little bit, and it felt jolly good anyhow.”

“That’s very good to hear, Tony,” Control said. “I’m happy to know that I didn’t hurt you badly.”

Tony nuzzled his face into Control’s chest. “Control,” he said sleepily, “I must confess that I came here tonight with something on my mind that I needed to tell you.”

“Is that so, Tony?”

“Yes, Control, it is so. It’s something that has been on my mind for some time. You see, I realized just a few weeks ago that I’ve fallen in love with you.”

“Really, Tony?” Control mumbled, tracing shapes on Tony’s stomach with his index finger.

“Yes, Control, really. And since I haven’t gotten the chance to say it earlier, I’d like to say it now.” Tony cleared his throat. “I love you, Control.”

“And I love you, Tony,” Control said.

Tony smiled, his eyes closing contently. “You know, I rather suspected that you did,” he said. “Still, it’s very nice to have it confirmed by you.”

The End.
Tags: fanfiction, tony and control
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