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A New Tony/Control fic

Title: Tony Takes Control
Fandom: Tony and Control, A Bit of Fry and Laurie
Summery: Tony finds that he’s having trouble at his new job. Control thinks up a very fun way to help him out.
Rating: NC-17 (Seriously, I got a little kinky here, you guys.)
Series: Takes place after This is Not a Story With a Sad Ending And Happy Beginnings
Words: 3,774
A/N: A whole truckload of thanks to my beta, Skyblue-reverie, who acts as Control to my Tony-esque muse. And, if you haven’t read her latest Jeeves and Wooster, do so now. It’s brilliant.

Tony Takes Control

It was at 9:15 on a Monday morning when Tony realized that he had a problem on his hands.

He was standing in Conference Room A, about to conduct the Monday morning meeting. Tony loved this part of his job - delivering the weekly announcements, explaining duties, fielding questions from the two dozen crisply uniformed men and women seated before him. It made him feel like a proper boss to have his officers look up to him, just as he had looked up to his own superiors in his younger days at the Secret Service. Watching Control dictate orders to his agents had been awe-inspiring. Oh, how he had looked up to Control in those days!

As his officers streamed into the room, Tony wondered if any of them might someday have the same respect for him.

“Oh, hello, South-East London Patrol,” he greeted them cheerfully “I’m really quite pleased that you were able to make it to our Monday morning meeting.”

“Delighted,” Officer Anderson said dryly. Several of the men suppressed snickers.

“Why thank you, Officer Anderson,” Tony said. More snickers. “Now, Sergeant McPherson and I filled in your patrol routes for the week. They’re posted on the yellow paper hanging on the bulletin board outside of the break room.”

"We know, sir,” Davies said, exasperatedly. “You tell us this every week.” This time, the laughter was more overt.

“Well, Officer Davies, it’s like my old boss used to tell me: ‘There’s nothing wrong with being thorough.’ Now, have you all, I wonder, taken the time to go and see the patrol route listing for the week?”

“Yes, sir, we splendidly have,” Anderson called from the back, eliciting hoots from majority of the other officers.

Tony’s smile faltered. Something was wrong - he was asking all of the normal Monday morning questions, and his officers were giving all of the normal Monday morning answers, but… they were laughing at him. Why?

“Yes, well,” Tony said, trying to ignore the several cocoons that had just hatched in his stomach, “as you may know, there has been, over the past month… well, the past month and one week… a sorry wave of car thefts in the South Ealing area.”

“A very sorry wave indeed!” Whitely called, snorting with laughter. Almost all of the officers laughed as well. Tony simply stood there, stoically smiling as a drop of sweat popped out on his neck. His officers were making fun of him! He couldn’t work it out - why would they do that? Wasn’t he a good boss?

Calling on all of his Secret Service know-how, Tony managed to make it through the meeting while maintaining a cool façade, enduring teasing all the way. “Please don’t forget that we are to meet on Wednesday morning,” he called to the retreating officers.

As soon as the last of them had left, Tony escaped back to his office and buried his head in his hands. What was he going to do? If his men wouldn’t respect him, then how could he expect them to follow orders? Oh, this sort of thing would never happen to Control!

Speaking of Control… Tony’s eye caught a plain, blue envelope on the corner of his desk. He must have missed it earlier this morning. His name was printed across the front in Control’s meticulous script – TONY - a tiny heart following the Y. Tony smiled faintly as he took and opened the letter.

Dear Tony,
Each morning, when you go to your work at the London Police Department and I go to my work at Headquarters, I miss you ever so much. As I sit at my desk, I think about how much I would love it if you were here, instead of at the Police Department. And I would be here with you. Perhaps while you are at work, you wish it too. I hope very strongly that you do. If you are feeling lonely at the Police Department, I think that you should know that I love you so dearly. When you come home for dinner tonight, I’m going to tell you again that I love you.

Yours Forever,

‘Oh Control, I do wish it, every day,’ Tony thought sadly. ‘I wish I could come back to the Secret Service and work with you. Everything would be all right then.’ When he had been a member of the Secret Service, the younger agents had all respected him and followed orders to a T. What if his officers decided to stop following orders? He would be fired for sure.

Placing his head in his hands forlornly, Tony sighed. He couldn’t get fired again. Control would be so disappointed in him.

Tony spent the rest of the miserable day pretending that he was not hiding in his office.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hello, Tony,” Control greeted Tony with a kiss on the cheek as he walked into the kitchen that evening. “I’m making us some fish for dinner. I hope you’re in the mood for fish.”

“Fish sounds just lovely, Control,” Tony replied. Control turned back to the stove, flipping the fish over in the pan, and Tony took the moment to watch his broad shoulders moving under his white shirt before padding up behind him and wrapping his arms around Control’s waist. “I had a very bad day today, Control,” Tony said, nuzzling into the back of Control’s neck.

“Oh heavens,” Control said. He placed the spatula on the counter and turned to embrace Tony. “I’m sorry to hear it, Tony. May I ask why it was so unfortunately bad?”

“Yes, you may ask, Control.”

“Why was it so unfortunately bad?”

Sighing, Tony laid his head against Control’s shoulder. “Some of the officers were making sport of me. They kept making fun of the way I talk. I’ll admit, Control, it sounds not a little silly for me to complain about being teased. After all, I work in a police department, and not a primary school.”

“Yes, that’s true, you do work in a Police Department. Still, it doesn’t feel very nice to be made fun of, no matter what age you are, does it?”

“No, Control, you’re quite right,” Tony said. “But unfortunately, the problem is not just that it makes me feel bad. My officers don’t have any respect for me at all. What if they decide that they don’t want to take orders from me? That would be a terrible nuisance, make no mistake about it.”

“Yes, it would be,” Control said.

“Control,” Tony looked up, his eyes laden with concern, “what if it becomes such a nuisance that… I get fired again? I’m concerned about this, Control, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.”

Control kissed the top of Tony’s head. “We’ll think of something, Tony, don’t you worry one little bit. For now, however, why don’t we eat dinner?”

“Control, that’s an excellent idea. I’m absolutely famished. I’ve hardly eaten anything all day.” Tony paused. “Well, that’s not exactly true. I did have eggs at breakfast and an apple at lunch, but still, the point stands that I’m quite hungry.”

“Then let’s eat,” Control said, releasing Tony to rescue the fish, which had just begun to burn at the edges.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
“I’ve been thinking, Tony,” Control said as they were getting ready for bed that night, “about your work problem.”

“Well, that’s very kind of you,” Tony replied from the bathroom, as he rinsed the soap from his face. “Have you come up with any thoughts, or even better, solutions to the problem that I’m having with my officers?”

“Well, maybe, Tony. You see, I’ve been thinking about why it is that I can get my agents to listen to me.”

“Why that’s an easy question, Control,” Tony said, coming into the bedroom and getting his pajamas. “The agents all respect you because you’re so clever and hard working.”

“Thank you, Tony. But I think that the real reason that I’m so good at being in control is that I like being in control.”

“I like being in Control too.” Tony stood still for a moment, grinning. “Do you get it, Control?”

“Yes, Tony,” Control said, smiling. “It was a very entertaining play on words.”

“Because when you said ‘in control’, you meant ‘in charge’,” Tony explained as he pulled on his pajama bottoms. “But when I said ‘in Control,’ I meant having sex. With you.”

“Yes, that was very bright of you. Anyway,” Control continued, “I was thinking, Tony, that perhaps if you got some practice at being in control, you might be better able to control your officers.”

“Hmm… perhaps, Control, but who will I practice on?”

“Would you maybe like to practice on me?” Tony felt a pleasant little shiver run up his back, and then Control was behind him, his hands reaching around and grazing Tony’s chest through his shirt. “Do you think that you might enjoy that?”

“Yes, I think that I might enjoy that quite a lot, Control,” Tony uttered softly.

“What would you like me to do for you, Tony?” Control whispered.

‘It’s a game,’ Tony thought excitedly, pressing into Control’s touch. Oh, how he loved Control’s games. “If you would, Control,” he asked, “I would rather like one of your relaxing massages, please.”

Control continued his caress and leaned over to whisper in Tony’s ear. “Tonight, Tony, there is to be no ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ from you. Instead, I want for you to think up what you like, then tell me to do it with no polite words at all. And if I tell you no, you’ll have to think of a way to make me do it anyway.”

Tony swallowed. This was going to be more challenging than he had anticipated. From early in his life, he had been taught that a polite façade was of the utmost importance. On the other hand, he did really want that massage.

“Give me a massage, Control,” he said in a not-so-forceful voice, “on the bed.”

Control prided himself on being an efficient - Tony was facedown on the bed within seconds, his pajama shirt somewhere in the corner of the room, and Control’s lotion-slicked hands kneading the tense muscles of his shoulders. “Oh…yes,” Tony sighed, biting back a ‘thank you.’ He could feel the horrid day slip away from his mind, his neck and shoulders letting go of pent-up tension.

After a while, however, Tony realized that his shoulders were getting all of the attention. “Control, could you…” Tony cleared his throat. “I mean, move down to my lower back, Control.”

Control complied, moving to straddle Tony’s pajama-bottom clad rear, and Tony moaned into the pillow when Control’s erection pressed against him. “Yes, Control,” he whimpered as Control’s hands slid from his back to his stomach, wedging themselves between his body and the sheets. Tony loved for Control to rub his stomach, tickling him in that oh-so-good way around his belly button and down the trail of hair...

“Stop, Control,” he said suddenly, almost disbelieving – was he actually telling Control to stop? Breathing heavily, Control stopped just as he was told, and Tony took the opportunity to change positions, flipping over onto his back. “You will take your pants off right now,” he commanded, voice shaking, “and then you will…” Tony swallowed again. It felt so bizarre to be ordering these things, “you will lick and kiss me down my chest.”

“Yes, Tony,” Control said, his voice scratchy, and Tony watched, dizzy, as he slid out of his blue pajama pants, freeing his thick erection. Control’s face was rosy with lust, Tony saw, which made him feel a little better. This wouldn’t be fun at all if Control wasn’t enjoying it.

And Tony was certainly enjoying it as well. As soon as Control’s skilled mouth touched Tony’s skin, tongue playing in spirals down toward his nipples, Tony arched and cried out desperately. It was as if his nerves had been set aflame. Encouraged by the reaction, Control took the hard bud of Tony’s nipple in his mouth and sucked, flicking his tongue delicately over the tip again and again. “Please,” Tony begged, and Control stopped dead.

“What?” It took Tony two beats to realize why Control had stopped. “Control,” Tony said, his mind hazy with arousal, “you are going to suck on my nipple and you are not going to stop until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Tony,” Control groaned, instantly at Tony’s nipple again. Tony moaned, wriggling against the sheets. It had never been like this before, all attention on him - it felt selfish and curious and… amazing.

Almost as if of their own accord, Tony’s hands traced their way down Control’s back, groping at his bottom, claiming him. Control moaned around Tony’s nipple and Tony shuddered. His hands continued to Control’s hips, his thumbs rubbing circles at the joints of Control’s legs, mere centimeters from his straining erection.

“Tony, please,” Control groaned. “Please!

“Do you want me to touch you, Control?” Tony asked, his fingers easing closer and closer to Control’s groin, teasing. He felt almost beside himself - he never teased.

“Yes sir,” Control whispered.

“All right, Control,” he replied. “Take off my pants… and fetch my handcuffs from the bottom of my sock drawer.”

“Oh, yes, Tony,” Control moaned, all but ripping the pants from Tony’s body. In a flash, he had retrieved the handcuffs, key and all, from the dresser.

“Lie down on the bed,” Tony ordered, “and put your hands above your head.”

Handcuffs dangling from his right index finger, Control stayed put. “Suppose that I didn’t want to, Tony. What would you do about that, I wonder?”

Tony faltered. He hadn’t expected this. “I - I don’t know, Control.”

“Perhaps you might think that I need to be punished,” Control breathed.

Tony’s mind was like a whirlwind. He knew what Control was asking him to do, and yet, it went so strongly against his nature. Still, it was what Control wanted, and Tony didn’t think he could deny him anything.

“Get on the bed, Control,” Tony said, pointing feebly at the mattress, “and lay down on your stomach.”

Control did so, and Tony rose to his knees. Feeling so lightheaded that he wondered if perhaps he might pass out, Tony drew back his hand and slapped Control lightly on his buttocks.

“Oh yes,” Control moaned, and Tony did it again, his shaking hand connecting with bare skin, making a strangely satisfying smack.

“Do you like this, Control?” Tony asked, and he was momentarily terrified by the commanding tone in his voice. He hadn’t known that he could sound that way.

“Oh yes,” Control whimpered, his voice climbing the octave scale.

Tony spanked Control three more times before he felt that it was time to stop. He finished up with one last good smack, leaving a small, red imprint of four fingers. “I want you to lie down on your back now, Control,” Tony said softly, grabbing the cuffs, “and put your hands over your head.”

“Right away, Tony,” Control gasped, flipping over. Crawling over to the top of the bed, Tony began cuffing Control to the headboard.

“Sometimes wearing handcuffs can hurt your wrists, Control,” Tony said, clicking the metal shut. “If they start to hurt you, you simply need to say so and I’ll get you out of them right away.” Then, without waiting for a reply, Tony all but pounced on Control.

“Oh, please yes,” Control moaned deeply as Tony’s mouth worked its way down Control’s chest, pausing briefly at his nipples before continuing downward. A moment later, he was hovering above Control’s length, breathing on the swollen head, shaking as an almost alien idea popped into his mind.

“Beg me,” Tony whispered, his breath short.

“Hmm..?” Control moaned.

“Beg me,” Tony said again, and it was like there was another person possessing him- he felt so peculiar. Was it really him who was crouched here, teasing Control and ordering him to beg? He wouldn’t do that. But he was. And he was enjoying it.

“Oh please, Tony,” Control whimpered, not skipping a beat, “Would you please suck me, Tony? Please?”

“Yes, Control,” Tony moaned.

“Thank you,” Control replied breathlessly.

Tony lowered his head, taking Control’s length into his mouth, gliding his lips along Control’s shaft, sucking gently.

“Ohhhh yes,” Control moaned, and Tony felt a positively thrilling sensation run through him. Speeding up, he relaxed his throat, swallowing around Control as best he could, swirling his tongue until he felt Control quivering beneath him, his toes curling against the mattress. Only then did he pull back.

“Uh, please don’t stop,” Control murmured, so close to the edge that he was half gone.

Tony paid him no mind as he reached for the lube in the nightstand drawer. Fingers working deftly, he slicked himself up quickly, then, lifting and spreading Control’s knees, began to prepare Control, one finger, then two, then three. Control tried his best to throw himself back against Tony, the handcuff’s chain jingling against the bedpost with each attempted thrust. “Oh please, Tony,” he moaned, and Tony felt himself growing nearly frantic. He was fairly certain that, once he got inside, this wasn’t going to last very long for either of them. Positioning himself at Control’s opening, Tony began a slow glide in.

“No,” Control said, and Tony stopped, gasping with the effort - it was actually hurting him to stop now.

“Are the handcuffs chafing you, Control?” Tony breathed.

“No,” Control gasped back. “I want you to do it all at once. Push in hard.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Control,” Tony said, his blue eyes wide.

“It won’t hurt me, Tony. Please?”

Closing his eyes and drawing in a breath, Tony thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt. Control cried out and Tony winced. “Are you all right, Control?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” he replied, arching his hips back into Tony. “I’m fine. Please start now.”

Gripping Control’s waist, Tony began his thrusts. He was right- neither of them were going to last for very long. Without a moment’s hesitation, he picked up a fast rhythm, and, at that moment, the whole world seemed to consist of nothing but the sound of the bed creaking in time, and Control moaning desperately. The last functioning section of Tony’s brain told him that he should be touching Control, but Tony had a death grip on Control’s hips, and he could hardly bring himself to let go. Control, it seemed, was the last thing anchoring him to himself.

“Tony, please,” Control begged, and Tony reacted at once. Instantly his hand was on Control, stroking frantically.

Control came first, a sort of half-shouted version of “TONY!” falling from his lips. Tony followed, heat exploding outward in waves, a choked sob torn from his throat. And then he was collapsing on Control, panting heavily as little aftershocks wracked his muscles.

“Oh, Tony,” Control gasped. “Thank you.”

Tony’s arms and legs quivered under him as he crawled to the head of the bed and unlocked Control’s handcuffs. As soon as Control’s arms were free, Tony threw himself into them, shaking. “Oh Control,” he said, “are you all right?”

“Yes, Tony, I’m just fine,” Control said, embracing him tightly. “That was absolutely lovely. But what I want to know is, are you all right?”

‘Yes,’ Tony was about to say, when he paused. “I- I don’t know. I think I’m all right.”

“I only ask because you seemed a little reluctant a few times,” Control said gently.

“Well, that makes quite a bit of sense, Control, because I was a little reluctant a few times. It was the strangest thing - I was doing and saying things, but it was as if I wasn’t doing or saying them at all. I was acting like another person altogether.”

“Yes, Tony, but so was I. We were just pretending.”

“Yes, but…I was unkind,” Tony said guiltily. “I hurt you. I hit you.”

“And I asked you to,” Control reasoned with him. “Tony… if you really didn’t like it, we don’t have to do it again.”

“Well, that’s really the complication, Control,” Tony said. “The fact is, I did like it quite a lot, but the whole time, I felt as if I shouldn’t have.”

Control ran his hand up and down Tony’s back. “Tony, perhaps it would make you feel better to think about it this way. If I had said to you, ‘Tony, stop now!’ would you have stopped?”

“Yes, of course I would have, Control.”

“Then there was nothing you did to me that I didn’t let you do,” Control assured him, stroking his hair.

Tony sighed a long and shuddering sigh. “I love you, Control, so very much.”

“And I love you, Tony,” Control said, kissing him. “And now you know that you can give orders. You give orders very well, Tony.”

“Thank you, Control,” Tony said softly, smiling as he snuggled up against Control’s chest. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Hardly any time at all had passed before both men were asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday morning found Tony standing in the front of Conference Room A once again. “Good morning, South-East London Patrol,” he said cheerfully as his officers came in and took their seats. “We have plenty to talk about today, but first - would anyone like a nice cup of coffee?”

“I most certainly would,” Anderson said loudly. “It would be ever so splendid.”

As was to be expected, several officers began to laugh, but Tony was not flustered in the least. “Now that will be enough of that, Officer Anderson,” he said in his most commanding voice. “Any more teasing out of you and I’ll spank you senseless.”

Tony smiled proudly as two dozen jaws promptly fell. ‘They’ll respect me now,’ he thought, ‘now that they know I mean business. Oh, I wish Control were here to see this.’

The rest of the meeting went off without a single joke.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hey, Alex,” Anderson whispered to Officer Davies as they left the meeting. “I think I finally pushed Murchison off the deep end. Maybe from now on, we should just do whatever he says. I don’t know what he’s getting at with this spanking thing, and frankly, I’d rather not find out.”

Davies nodded. “Agreed.”

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