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Fandom is Life, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mark Wahlberg

Internet fandom has been sadly absent from my life this year. Whether I’ve been too distracted by my new job or whatever, there has been this unhappy, empty hole once filled with art and writing and fangirls; that pure, uncomplicated joy that comes from sharing fandom with other people. The feeling of falling in love with story, and finding other people who love it too. And, if you both love the same story and characters for long enough, you occasionally find that you love that person too. I’ve missed that.

Happily, I think it’s coming back, and I’d be a hell of a lot more thrilled if it didn’t revolve around Mark Wahlberg.

Nothing against Mark. He’s a talented guy, when he picks good films. And he’s sexy. Totally sexy. Vh1 once voted him the sexiest artist of the 90s, and Vh1 has never lied to me.

So why do I feel so betrayed?

Okay, so he was a giant douche. A douche so massive, he could have been a spokesperson for a line of Summer’s Eve products. This is a man who used to pants himself on stage, and inspired the fashion choices for a generation of date raping frat boys. But – he’s not like that anymore! I think. Whatever. I’m not happy with what my hormones have done to me, but I’m going to embrace it in honor of fandom.

Except he has no fandom. No one likes him. Shit.

Dignam does not care if you like him.

Mark hasn’t been in very many fandom friendly movies – a few people wrote some fic for The Departed, but it was depressing as hell, and despite my belief that The Other Guys has a great slash dynamic, nobody wants to slash Will Ferrell. Nobody.

Even though some people might find something disturbingly cute about the idea. Some people. I'm not naming names.

So, regardless, I’m going to put up this picspam, because I refuse to enter and leave a fandom (or even this non-fandom) without leaving a footprint. If anyone thinks these are cute, leave a comment saying so. Hell, maybe I’ll meet a few friends.



It's probably best to ignore that Mark Wahlberg ever existed in the 90's, but I rather like this picture.

This one too.

I should do all of my posts in the style of a cracked article.



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