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Geeks in Glasses are Sex.

Hey, people!

Who out there likes That Guy with the Glasses, AKA the Nostalgia Critic? Anyone? Okay, let’s try this again. Who out there is still reading my journal? Well, I am. I like That Guy. There’s a good chance that the two other people who will drop in (hi Skyblue and Rivers) don’t even have a passing notion who That Guy is (thought Sky watched some Nostalgia Chick for me. She even laughed). Anyhow, I’ve watched approximately six thousand hours of That Guy and his That Guy team, and, thank fuck, they have a fandom (suck on that, Wahlberg).

Left to right: Dr Insano, The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara.

Of the six-thousand hours, about four thousand of them have been spent watching Spoony (Insano up there, but without the goggle and lab coat, for the uninitiated.). This is not just because his reviews are, like, an hour and a half long. My crush on him has reached critical proportions. I think he sealed it for me when he railed against Avatar. Also, he has the world’s greatest hair.

This guy makes me want to fall in love with movies, the way I loved them at thirteen.

Edit: I changed my mind. What sealed my crush was from his review of Twilight: New Moon. "I have to save you, Bella; Fuck out the way!"
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