ennui_blue_lite (ennui_blue_lite) wrote,

I Am Here --->

Here I am in beautiful, sunny California. Except, it's not especially sunny right now, but it is still beautiful. I'm having a great time with Julie - we've watched some movies, done a little shopping, been to a few awesome restaurants; generally, it's been perfect.

We've also started a few TV shows, like Merlin and Glee and my new favorite, NCIS. I'm thinking there needs to be fic for this one, Gibbs/Tony to be exact, though I'm still watching and learning the voices. Hopefully, this will kickstart my fic writing obsession once again.

Until then, I shall continue to eat cookies and hang on Skyblue's cozy couch with my laptop - I'm pretty sure this is my personal nirvana.

ETA: forgot to mention that we also visited River's_bend on Wednesday, had lunch together, and hung out at River's apartment, which is in a very cool old building.
Tags: life
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